2016- you SUCK!

2016 has been a terrible year. So many of the actors, musicians and other famous people from my formative years have passed. Today, Carrie Fisher passed.
Losing people like Prince or Alan Rickman is definitely bad, but losing Carrie is a huge blow to my childhood. I was entranced by Star Wars. I was already a Star Trek fan, of course, but Star Wars was a huge spectacle and I drank it up like a sponge. I was 10-11 in 1978 when the movie came out and I was in loooooove with Leia. By the time ROTJ came out and the infamous “slave leia” costume was shown, I was totally gone. Now the beautiful and talented actress who brought Leia, and so many other characters to life, has gone. I know she had her own personal battles with addiction and the “hollywood machine,” and I know that she had depression issues and other mental difficulties, but I will never stop loving Leia.

I will miss you Leia, and I know that Carrie is in Valhalla, partying with Odin and the others, preparing for the final battles of Ragnarok.

Valhalla awaits…


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