Storm Drain: What the HELL is under your street?

A good friend of mine, Pony Horton, is an amazing visual effects wizard. He began working with Star Trek New Voyages/ Phase 2 back around 2009 for our episode “Kitumba.” He played the part of the mentor to the Klingon Emperor. His K’Sia was inspired. He also does much hard work behind the scenes of our episodes. Correcting small flaws in the sets, fixing things like makeup flaws and even creating whole locations that didn’t exist in reality. He created the alien ruins behind and around our “Guardian of Forever” gate set, for example. So Pony is an independent film maker as well. He makes great “shorts,” and is making a new horror film called “Storm Drain.” He has gathered several talented actors and has begun pre- production of this classic “creature” horror short.

I must admit, when I first met Pony, I was struck by his humble attitude. He has been involved in the movie and film industry for literally decades, but he behaved almost like a novice, eagerly soaking up “tips and tricks” from the other actors and crew, and looking around like a star-struck “fan boy.” He seemed delighted to be there. I only talked to him briefly that first shoot, as I was busting my ass being Key Grip for the biggest crew we had ever had, and shooting on location at Fort Ticonderoga. I watched him demonstrate some real cool skills with a bullwhip. Fast forward to the next several shoots when he and I got to spend some time together between setups and scenes. We became very good friends and when he told me of this project, I had to give him all the publicity my meager skills can provide.

This is to be a crowd funded film, and so far, has some pretty cool stars on board, including Tim Russ (who played Tuvok in Star Trek: Voyager) and Larry Thomas (who was the “Soup Nazi” on Seinfeld,) and a personal favorite: Anthony De Longis, (who has been in everything!)

Please give the website a look at : and when the fundraisers start, please consider donating to this talented friend’s movie!

Valhalla Awaits!


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